TripleMinds is a social business with over 15 years experience in development cooperation.

We just love what we do.
We see our work as our passion and commitment.
And we care about each of our clients and their projects. 



Our journey began some 15 years ago when we were working for various NGOs, UN agencies and universities in the development and humanitarian sector. In 2013 we founded TripleMinds out of the passion to accompany organisations in what we had done ourselves successfully over 10 years.

Today we assist our clients throughout the whole project cycle: we identify funding opportunities and map donors, develop application documents, accompany the monitoring and carry out evaluations. Our clients include NGOs from across the world, donor agencies and social businesses.

In total, we have worked with around 200 donors, have written over 1,000 proposals and raised over €80 million in grant funding.

 We operate TripleFunds as a social business model. Not only do we reinvest a large share of our profits into the further development of the online tool, but our long-term vision is to transform TripleFunds into an incubator that initiates and supports partnerships between development NGOs and social businesses.

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The Founders

Silvia Weninger
Founder, research supervisor, grant coach

Silvia has over 15 years experience in grant seeking, project implementation and evaluation from various donors such as the European Commission (EU), USAID, DFID, foundations, UN agencies etc. She has lived and worked across Asia (Sri Lanka, India, Thailand etc.), Africa (Zimbabwe, Kenya etc.) and Europe (Albania, Romania, Moldova etc.).

She takes her inspiration and creativity from nature in lower Austria, travelling, horse riding and outdoor sports.

Lisa Ringhofer
Founder, research supervisor, trainer 

For more than 15 years Lisa has been specialising on compiling grant applications, project implementation and evaluation. Foundations are her main focus. She is also a compassionate trainer for NGOs and other development actors across the world. She has lived and worked across Latin America (Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia and Nicaragua), Africa (Mozambique, Senegal etc.) and Europe (Romania etc.).

In her free time she loves stage acting, writing one of her new books or articles, and hiking through the Austrian landscape with her family.