Who is behind TripleFunds and why?
TripleFunds was initiated by TripleMinds, a group of passionate development practitioners and creative minds driven by the desire to make a difference on people’s lives and join forces to do good – especially in times of economic crisis and general fear. TripleMinds is a flexible consultancy network which gives us the unique possibility to innovate, inspire and be inspired – and to freely combine work and family life.

What is TripleFunds?
TripleFunds is a practical online fundraising tool for development NGOs and social entrepreneurs, which provides access to funding opportunities via two searchable databases and increases fundraising capacities through webinars, resource guides, grant coaching and donor mappings. All these features can be accessed through an affordable membership fee starting from 9€/month.

For which organisations is TripleFunds suitable?
TripleFunds is suitable for: (1) non-profit organisations working in development cooperation and the humanitarian aid sector (i.e. non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, civil society organisations, associations, trusts, foundations, funds); (2) for-profit organisations with social business ventures that generate impact in developing countries or emerging markets (i.e. social entrepreneurs and companies with CSR initiatives); and (3) individuals looking for scholarships or fellowships.

Does TripleFunds provide direct funding for projects?
No. Please note that we are not distributing funds ourselves. TripleFunds is a platform that provides access to funding opportunities from various external donor sources such as governments, foundations or funds.

I am a (non-)profit making entity based in the North. Is TripleFunds suitable for me?
Yes. TripleFunds is suitable for organisations located or headquartered anywhere in the world as long as you implement projects in developing and/or emerging countries.

I am an individual looking for funds. Is TripleFunds suitable for me?
Yes. TripleFunds does specifically include funding opportunities for individuals (i.e. scholarship and fellowship opportunities for individuals). Our search criteria for eligible applicants includes individuals as well.


Which countries does TripleFunds cover?
TripleFunds covers more than 170 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Oceania and Eastern Europe. Only the following countries are excluded: (1) EU 15: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, UK, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain; and (2) United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland. Click here for a complete country list.

Which sectors does TripleFunds cover?
TripleFunds covers the following sectors: (1) agriculture and rural development; (2) children and youth; (3) climate change; (4) disability; (5) economic development; (6) education; (7) energy; (8) environment and natural resources; (9) food security; (10) governance; (11) health; (12) human rights; (13) humanitarian aid; (14) peace and conflict resolution; (15) research, technology and innovation; (16) social inclusion; (17) water and sanitation; (18) women and gender; and (19) others.

Which donors does TripleFunds cover?
TripleFunds covers all categories of donors that offer grants, prizes, loans and equity funding for development NGOs and social businesses. These include government agencies, private and corporate foundations (mainly located in the United States and Europe), funds, impact investors, UN agencies, crowdfunding initiatives, NGOs, banks and others. The majority of donors are foundations (app. 50%), followed by funds, governments and business incubators. Click here to download an overview of our donors.

Does TripleFunds include tenders or services?
No, TripleFunds does not cover tenders or services. We focus on grants for development NGOs and social entrepreneurs (70% of our funding opportunities are grants) as well as prizes, loan and equity funding.

How often does TripleFunds provide updates?
Both databases – the grants and the donor database – are updated on a daily basis. Our research team adds at least 10 new grant opportunities and 5 new donors every day. This means that TripleFunds contains at least 2,400 new funding opportunities and at least 1,200 new donor profiles every year. Members are provided with e-mail notifications on the latest funding opportunities and donor profiles once a week via our Premium Alert.

How is the research carried out?
The TripleFunds research team is headed by the founders of TripleFunds, Silvia Weninger and Lisa Ringhofer. They both have more than 15 years’ experience in fundraising from public and private donor institutions. We follow industry trends, browse the latest foundation directories, search the web, get first-hand information from donors and select only the best and most suitable entries for TripleFunds. Click here to learn more about how we do our research.


Which membership packages does TripleFunds offer?
We offer the following membership packages: (1) E-Mail Alert for 9€/month (3 months, email alert only); (2) Mini Package for €19/month (1 month, grants database); (3) Starter Package for €24/month (6 months, grants and donor database); (3) Top Seller Package for 29€/month (12 months, unlimited access); (4) Top Seller LOCAL Package for 19€/month (12 months, unlimited access) for organisations headquartered in developing countries ; and (5) Premium Package for 99€/month (12 months, unlimited access plus proposal reviews). You can find all the pricing details here.

How can I pay?
You can either pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or Paypal (credit card or direct PayPal transfer). You get instant access to the TripleFunds platform immediately after we receive your payment. You can also pay with Western Union or direct bank transfer. Once you have placed your order, we will send you an invoice. You account will be activated as soon as we receive confirmation of payment. Click here for more details on our payment process.

What happens after my membership has expired?
Your membership will expire automatically on the day your package ends. You can purchase another membership package online online here (credit card or PayPal). Simply use the same e-mail address and password for your new registration to access your existing details (i.e. favourite grants or donors etc.). If you want to pay offline (bank transfer or Western Union), simply send us an email to office(a) with the preferred membership package, payment method, organisation name and billing address. We will activate your account once payment has been confirmed.

Can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership within 14 days (starting from the day when your TripleFunds account is activated) if it does not meet your expectations. In this case, simply send us an email within the 14 days’ time period indicating the termination of your membership. After these initial 14 days, no fees can be recompensed.

How many people can use my account?
Your account at TripleFunds should be used by one person. You can access the TripleFunds platform from 5 different devices per day. The following user accounts are offered with each package: (1) E-Mail Alert: 1 account; (2) Mini Package: 1 account; (3) Starter Package: 2 accounts; (4) Top Seller: 3 accounts; and (5) Premium Package: 5 accounts. If you need more user accounts within your organisation please get in touch with us here to offer you an individual package.

Who can I contact you if I need support?
You can contact us anytime via our contact form here or via e-mail to office(a) We will send you a reply within 24 hours. You can also talk to us directly via a free Skype call. To arrange for a booking, simply click here and chose your preferred time slot.

 Any more questions?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact form.

Or simply book a free Skype call with us by clicking here now.