Grants Database

The grants database features 1,400+ open calls for proposals from over 3,000 donors. They either have a specific deadline (i.e. from USAID or the EC) for application or are open all year (i.e. from many foundations). New grants are entered on a daily basis. The search is made easy with 11 search filters and a detailed summary.

Search Filters

  • Sectors: agriculture & rural development, education, health, water & sanitation, peace building, human rights, governance, social inclusion, disability, women & gender, economic development, food security, children & youth, arts & culture, media & journalism, energy, environment & natural resources, climate change, humanitarian aid, capacity building
  • Countries: over 170 developing and emerging countries worldwide with a special filter to narrow down your search
  • Donor types and donor base: government, foundations, funds, UN agencies, business incubators, crowdfunding, NGOs with additional filter to search for donor base (i.e. Swiss based donors only)
  • Eligible applicants: non-profit organisations, social businesses, individuals
  • Grant sizes: small (up to $100,000), medium (up to $1,000,000) and large (more than $1,000,000)
  • Funding types: grants, loans, equity, others
  • Free search: search for any keyword that suits your search text
  • Objectives: the thematic priorities of the grant opportunity like overall and specific objectives or focus sectors
  • Eligibility: which entities are eligible for this particular call
  • Location: which countries are eligible for this funding opportunity
  • Budget details: what is the total available amount as well as minimum and maximum grant amounts, percentage of funding and eligible costs
  • Application procedure: what is the application procedure (i.e. concept note or full proposal), which documents have to be submitted as well as how and when
  • Web link to the grant opportunity

Details of Each Entry

Total number of open grants in our database:


Donor Database

The donor database features 3,000+ detailed donor profiles from worldwide donors (i.e. from Europe, America, Australia etc.). More than half of our donors are foundations (55%), followed by funds (12%), business incubators and impact investors (11%), NGOs (9%), government (6%), UN agencies (2%) and others. New donors are entered on a daily basis.

Donor Types

  • Governments: EU (EuropeAid, EACEA, ECHO etc.), USAID, FCDO, US Government (DOS, INL etc.), BMZ, ADA, embassies (US, Europe etc.), etc.
  • Foundations: American foundations (Ford, Gates etc.), European foundations (Robert Bosch, Medicor etc.), as well as African, Australian etc.
  • UN Agencies: UNDP, UN Women, UNFPA, UNICEF, IOM, UNESCO, UNOPS etc.
  • Funds: Funds across the world like Christensen Fund, Women´s Fund Asia, AGFUND, Global Good Fund, Maypole Fund, CEPF etc.
  • NGOs: NGOs across the world like Hivos, XPRIZE, Voice Global, Caritas, Care, Concern, Save the Children, Red Cross etc.
  • Business Incubators: Business incubators and crowdfunding across the world like GlobalGiving, StartSomeGood, InnoLabs, Enpact etc.
  • About: an introduction to the donor including its mission, vision and interests
  • Thematic focus: which sectors and thematic priorities the donor is funding
  • Focus countries: which countries the donor is funding
  • Application procedure: what is the application procedure (i.e. concept note or full proposal), which documents have to be submitted as well as how and when
  • Contact details: address, phone and fax number, email of donor as well as name of contact person
  • Budget details: what is the total annual funding volume and what are minimum and maximum grant sizes from previous funding history
  • Web link to the donor

Donor Profiles

Total number of current donor profiles in our database:


Interested in how we carry out our research for new donors and grants? Click here

Additional features

A favourites option allows members to save interesting entries of the databases (available for both databases) and single entries can be printed or saved as pdf for easy transmission to other team members. The grants database has a sorting function by deadline as to display grants with the closest deadlines first. Each member has his or her personalised dashboard where the latest entries to the platform are shown. Under “My Account” one can manage organisational details and orders. Packages are available with up to 5 user accounts.

To save time and provide members with a good overview, members receive a weekly E-Mail Alert with all entries of both databases of the last 7 days including:

  • Name of grant and donor
  • Deadline for application
  • Countries eligible for application
  • Sectors of donor
  • Direct link to donor and grant opportunity
  • Short excerpt of database entry (5 lines)
  • Link to database entry