Resource section

In the resource section you find useful guides on specific fundraising topics as well as prospect research for particular sectors, regions and countries.

The section currently includes:

Foundations: you find various guides on specific sectors (such as ’10 Foundations funding Environment Projects worldwide’, ’10 Foundations funding Women and Gender Projects worldwide’), a ‘Step-by-step Guide for Foundation Research’, ‘Top 5 Foundations for Social Entrepreneurs’ and many others)

Donor mappings: you find guides for specific countries such as South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Lebanon, Mozambique, Tajikistan, Kenya, India, and many others

Program development: you find guides on relevant topics including ‘How to apply to USAID’, ‘Impact Evaluation Planning and Implementation’, ‘Impact Orientation: Mapping of Online Resources’, ‘Top 5 Tips for Impact Evaluation’ and many others


The TripleMinds team plus external experts from various fields give live webinars on different fundraising topics. These webinars last up to 120 minutes and cover a 60-90 minutes’ presentation and a Question & Answer session at the end. Participants receive the presentation slides, the audio recording and any other potential bonus material after the webinar.

Here are some samples of past webinars:

Grant proposals for foundations: ideas for writing a compelling case

Did you know that many grant-making foundations receive at least one grant proposal every day?

We have learnt that writing such a grant proposal for foundations follows quite different rules compared to other donors like government donors or funds. (Most) foundations like your proposal to be tailor-made, balancing rational with emotional elements. So knowing these rules will make you ‘stand out from the crowd’ and increase your chances to receive funding and enter into long-term and fruitful win-win partnerships with them.

The webinar focuses on how to use the common key elements to create a compelling grant application that tells an engaging story. We look at individual samples of previous applications and discuss how to strengthen them in order to be more competitive and more successful in securing grant awards.

Webinar content:
– Some specifics on grant proposals for foundations
– What are the key elements of a grant proposal
– How to create compelling elements that tell a story including: Cover Letter, Executive Summary, Statement of Need, Project Description, Budget, and Organisation Capacity
– Learnings from our own experience of the past 15 years

How to access EU funding for development cooperation projects

The European Union (EU) provides various funding schemes for development cooperation projects across the world, yet many organisations are either not familiar with this donor or do not have the adequate knowledge on how to apply for these funds.

In this webinar the fundraising expert Silvia Weninger therefore trains you on which funding schemes are the most suitable ones for development cooperation projects with a focus on DG DEVCO (EuropeAid) and DG NEAR. She also explains in details how an application package needs to be prepared to turn into a grant contract.

Webinar content:
– Overview of EU funding streams
– Where to identify these funding opportunities and how to understand the respective guidelines
– How to prepare a winning proposal (covering both the narrative and financial part) and how to submit it
– Q&A session where individual questions are answered

International Grants from German and Swiss Foundations

More than 20,000 foundations in Germany and 13,000 foundations in Switzerland give to charitable causes!

Even if only a small fraction of grants is given for international development (around 10%), this sum amounts to several millions of € every year. Also, Germany hosts some of the biggest grant-making foundations in Europe, while there are several smaller Swiss family foundations with a focus on development cooperation.

In this webinar recording, we provide you with an insight into the inner workings of the foundation market of these two countries. We first provide a quick overview of the foundation German and Swiss landscape, show you some research strategies for finding promising ‘good matches’ for your cause, and share with you some tips and tricks on how to write winning funding proposals.

Webinar content:
– The German and Swiss foundation landscape
– Foundation research: How can I find the ‘good fits’?
– Engage and outreach: meet, greet and network!
– The grant proposal: keep it short, professional and emotional

97% of post-webinar survey respondents rated this webinar as great to excellent!

Unusual suspects – How to successfully apply to USAID and DFID?

Did you know that the combined funding volume of USAID and DFID is around 42 billion $ per year?

This large amount of funding represents a great opportunity for NGOs and social businesses around the world. Yet many organisations leave this pot untapped as they might lack the knowledge of how to apply, think they are not eligible in case they are not of American or British origin, etc.

Webinar content:
– Underlying dynamics of both USAID and DFID including their organisational set up, sector focus and ways of grant giving
– Application systems, guidelines and application processes
– Reporting requirements once you are implementing funds from them
– Final Q&A session

Successful fundraising from European Foundations

There are 114,000+ charitable foundations in Europe with an annual giving volume of around €53 billion!

This number is very similar to the US foundation market, where more than 140,000 grant-giving foundations spend around $58 billion for charitable purposes. Compared to the US foundation market, however, finding the right foundations for your project funding may often feel like searching a needle in a haystack. Although this is slowly changing, the European foundation landscape still remains much more heterogenous and rather intransparent. So where to start your research and connect?

In this webinar recording, we try to guide you through this foundation maze. We provide you with insights into the inner workings of the European foundation market and show you some research strategies, tools and online resources to find potentially good fits for your cause. We also share with you some tips and tricks on how to write winning funding proposals.

Webinar content:
– The European foundation landscape: facts & figures
– Foundation research: 3 steps to success (self-analysis/general research/detailed research)
– Tips & tricks for proposal writing

94% of  training participants rate our webinars as excellent: “Great webinar with many practical tips!” 

Major Donor Fundraising

80% of all charitable gifts come from 20% of an organisation’s donors!

Identifying this 20% segment – the so-called ‚high-net-worth individuals (HNWI)’ is a challenge for every fundraiser and the focus of this recorded webinar. This webinar therefore reflects the systematic steps fundraisers use to encourage major gifts. It offers practical, step-by-step advice about how to go about getting – and, most importantly, keeping – major gift donors.

In this webinar, you will learn how to: (1) identify and research major gift donors; (2) develop a strategy for major donor fundraising; (3) cultivate the most promising contacts; (4) make the all important ‚ask’; and (5) create a culture that values major donors. By the end of this webinar you have a good understanding of what major donor fundraising is all about in practice and this will help you decide on whether this fundraising segment may be of any interest for your organisation’s (future) fundraising.

Webinar content:
– Defining major donor fundraising
– The major gift fundraising cycle (identification/cultivation/solicitation/stewardship)
– How to motivate your Board to fundraise

How to get funding from Embassies

This webinar looks at the various funding schemes from embassies and gives you an insight into the application requirements. It also explains which peculiarities applicants need to consider when compiling application documents for embassy funding.

Webinar content:
– Germany: Small Scale Projects (Kleinstprojekte)
– Finland: Fund For Local Cooperation (FLC)
– Canada: Canada Fund For Local Initiatives (CFLI)
– Australia: Direct Aid Program (DAP)
– Small Grants Program, PAS, Ambassador´s Special Self Help Program (SSH)