Grant FUNding CAPacity Development

Navigating non-profits through every stage of the grant funding journey.

FUNCAP guides organisations through every vital step necessary to secure grants from diverse sources including foundations, government donors, corporations, UN agencies, funds, and others.

What is FUNCAP?

FUNCAP is our comprehensive training program, tailored for non-profits seeking to enhance their grant funding capabilities. Equally, it caters to grant-giving organisations looking to empower their grantees, frequently as part of their exit strategy. FUNCAP is deliberately spelled with ‘FUN’ in bold, symbolising the essence of our approach: fundraising is not just a task for us. It is fun and enjoyable, colourful and innovative, vibrant and creative.

In FUNCAP, we address all phases of the grant funding cycle through a 5-stage modular approach: MODULE 0: Theory of Change (ToC) development, MODULE 1: donor research (identification), MODULE 2: relationship building (cultivation), MODULE 3: proposal writing (solicitation), and MODULE 4: maintaining good relationships (stewardship). As a TripleFunds member, you have access to all training videos covering every phase of the cycle.

Moreover, you will have the option to book additional support, featuring personalised training sessions tailored to your unique needs, accessible online or in-person. These sessions are complemented by individual coaching sessions geared towards crafting targeted work packages, such as mapping potential donors, proposal design and writing, and developing impact models and reports.

As TripleFunds member you have access to the following FUNCAP training videos:

Module 0 - ToC development

Module 0 - ToC development

We initiate the process by refining your brand along three guiding questions: (1) What is the problem you address? (2) What are the solutions you offer? (3) What are the impacts you want to create for the people you work with? Additionally, we provide a practical Theory of Change (ToC) template to kick off this process in your organisation.

Module 1 - Donor Identification

Module 1 - Donor Identification

In the videos we start with designing a simple and hands-on fundraising strategy. Then we show you highly effective research strategies, tools and techniques as well as a wide range of online platforms where you can identify potential donors. We also show you how to effectively manage your research data internally.

Module 2 - Donor Cultivation

Module 2 - Donor Cultivation

This module focuses entirely on cultivating relationships with your potential donors. Through the videos, you will gain insights into direct outreach to donors through crafting engaging emails, mastering persuasive phone calls, and preparing for your first face-to-face meetings (incl. the creation of a pitch deck). You will also hear about other networking opportunities.

Module 3 - Donor solicitation

Module 3 - Donor solicitation

Once donors are ready to consider your proposal, this phase is all about soliciting a grant. Through the videos, you will discover techniques for crafting a compelling and convincing grant proposal that effectively showcases the beauty of your non-profit work. You will also gain insights into showing your impact through the use of visuals and storytelling.

Module 4 - Donor Stewardship

Module 4 - Donor Stewardship

This crucial final phase encompasses various strategies for effectively nurturing existing relationships with your donors. You will explore techniques for establishing an easy-to-use Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) framework, crafting engaging impact reports, and creating a stewardship calendar to foster donor engagement.

Calculate your FUNCAP Score

We have designed a user-friendly online self-assessment tool that allows you to evaluate your proficiency at each stage of the grant cycle.

With just 20 questions, you can conveniently assess your fundraising capacities, rating them from weak to strong.

Upon completion, you will receive your personalised FUNCAP Score along with expert recommendations to enhance your performance:

FUNCAP Score *****: Great - you are fundraising star!

FUNCAP Score ****: Well done - but still room for improvement!

FUNCAP Score ***: Okay - but lots of room for improvement!

FUNCAP Score **: Not too good - lots of work ahead!

FUNCAP Score *: Ouch - you really need to get your fundraising going!

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