TripleFunds E-Mail Alert

Duration: 3 months
Total price: €27 (€9/month)
Number of accounts: 1


The E-Mail Alert is sent out every Thursday via e-mail. It provides you with an overview of all database entries of the last 7 days. It is divided into two sections: (1) latest grants entries: this part shows an overview of all new grant opportunities entered during the last 7 days including deadline, location, an excerpt of the entry as well as the link to the full entry; and (2) latest donor entries: here you find the latest donor database entries featuring location, sector, an exceprt of the entry as well as the link to the full entry. On average our Premium Alert features 50-70 new entries. Click here to see how an e-mail alert looks like. Additionally, you get a 14 day free Starter Membership with access to both databases and the resource guides.


Access to:

  • 3 months to E-Mail Alert (weekly e-mail alert with all new grants and donors of the last 7 days)
  • 14 days to Grants Database (over 1,400 open funding opportunities from public and private donors)
  • 14 days to Donor Database (over 2,400 donor profiles incl. government, foundations, funds, business incubators, etc.)
  • 14 days to Resource Section (app. 40 weekly updated resource guides on various topics for fundraising)
  • 3 months to Customer Support (we answer all emails within 24 hours 7 days a week and offer you an introductory Skype call with our experts)

Payment options:

Credit Card or Paypal:

Western Union or Bank Transfer: