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The Foundation Guide 2024 lists 700 grantmaking foundations for non-profit organisations in international cooperation across Africa, America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe open for application or inquiry all year and covering sectors like health, education, environment, gender, human rights or children.

A valuable resource for foundation fundraisers to kick-off the year!

Which foundations are included?

The Guide features 700 grantmaking foundations based in America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa that distribute grant funding to non-profit organisations. The selection criteria included: (1) having a website; (2) offering adequate details about their application procedures on their website; (3) having designated windows for application submission; and (4) accepting application documents or facilitating information exchange either throughout the year or within specified application periods.

Where are these foundations based?

The foundations included in the Guide are based in the following countries: (1) America: United States 84, Canada 7; (2) Europe: United Kingdom 109, Switzerland 100, Germany 75, Netherlands 39, France 35, Liechtenstein 9, Denmark 9, Norway 6, Sweden 5, Belgium 5; (3) Asia Pacific: India 17, Cambodia 7, Japan 5, China 4, Australia 4, Israel 3, Philippines 3; (4) Africa: South Africa 13, Kenya 3, Nigeria 2, Egypt 1.

Which sectors does it cover?

The Foundation Guide 2024 covers foundations giving grants for: Agriculture and rural development; Animal welfare; Arts and culture; Capacity building; Children and youth; Climate change; Disability; Economic development; Education and training; Energy; Environment and natural resources; Food security; Governance and democracy; Health; Human rights; Humanitarian aid; Media and journalism; Peace and conflict resolution; Research, technology and innovation; Religion & faith; Social inclusion; Water and sanitation; Women and gender.

Which details does it contain for each foundation?

It contains: (1) contact: name, website and country of headquarters; (2) what they fund: 3 main sectors; (3) where they fund: Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Pacific; (4) how much they give: total annual giving and individual grant sizes; (5) how to apply: application procedures and additional remarks such as grant sizes, focus countries or eligible applicants, number of board meetings and cut-off dates; (6) match and my notes: you can rank the donors as cold – medium – hot for your internal purposes and add your individual notes.

In which format is it?

The 2024 Foundation Guide comes in an Excel format, allowing for effortless filtering and categorization to identify foundations that align with your interests.

Can I see a preview of the Foundation Guide?

Yes, you are welcome to download the Sample Guide here: SAMPLE GUIDE.

What else is included?

In addition to the guide, you receive our FUNCAP (Fundraising Capacity Development) Tool, a comprehensive Excel template designed to manage your data across the entire fundraising cycle, including donor research, relationship building, proposal writing, and stewardship. Plus, the Foundation Guide features the most recent Foundation Funding Trends for 2024.

How much does it cost?

The Foundation Guide 2024 costs 299€ incl. VAT.

Can I get some more information?

You are happy to browse the website, send us an email or book your personal Zoom call with us.


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