FUNCAP Module 1: Donor Identification

FUNCAP Module 1: Donor Identification


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FUNCAP is our grant FUNding CAPacity development program for non-profits working in international cooperation. It concentrates on the grant funding process, encompassing all the essential steps required to secure grants from various sources such as foundations, government donors, corporations, UN agencies, funds, or alike.

It equips non-profits with the skills and resources needed for grant fundraising by providing (1) training (on and offline); (2) practical and easy-to-use tools (Word, Power Point and Excel templates); as well as (3) individual coaching (personalised one-to-one coaching on specific work packages throughout the entire grant cycle).

Module 1: Donor Identification

This is the first step in the grant funding cycle. It includes designing your (simple and practicable) fundraising strategy with outlining your donor markets and developing some fundraising goals and success indicators. Once you know which donor markets to prioritize, we proceed to the research or donor mapping phase: we show you various research strategies and online platforms where you can identify the most appropriate potential funders for your organisation.

What is included in this module?

This module includes: (1) a 4-hour online training for your team via Zoom; and (2) 5 coaching days during which we develop your fundraising strategy and your donor mapping document together with your team.

What is the concrete output?

After this module you will have a clear and precise fundraising strategy that sets the fundraising framework for the next years (usually 3-5 years). The main elements include (1) a short analysis of your organisation’s strengths and assets in terms of grant funding; (2) the definition of specific quantitative and qualitative fundraising goals and timelines; (3) the types of funders you want to engage (e.g., foundations, funds, institutional donors including their geographical presence); (4) the team structure and an action plan.

Once you have defined your fundraising strategy, we proceed to the donor research phase. First, we define the research criteria including: (1) for which activities you need funding for (i.e., sectors, types of costs); (2) where you need funding for (i.e., one specific country or several ones); and (3) which donor segments we shall research (i.e., foundations based in a specific country, government funding, etc.). Then we carry out the research browsing through different online platforms, databases and other tools that we are providing you with. Finally, we help you to (1) complement your long list with additional donor search for your project/organisation; and (2) jointly rank them into hot – medium – cold in order to get your shortlist. These donor mappings can be done in different rounds – e.g., one round concentrates on international foundations (or region-specific funders), the next round focuses on institutional donors (like EU, USAID, etc.).

What else is included?

You will be provided with practical and hands-on templates such as our FUNCAP Tool to manage your data across the whole fundraising cycle as well as our fundraising strategy and donor mapping template. As additional bonus, you are given a 12-months TripleFunds access for free at the value of 348€.

Do you want to assess your current capacities in this phase?

Then we invite you to try our free online self-assessment tool, the FUNCAP Score. In 20 questions, you can easily rank your fundraising capacities in each phase of the grant cycle from weak to strong. In the end you will be provided with your individual FUNCAP Score as well as some recommendations from our experts. You can access the tool here: FUNCAP Score.

How much does it cost?

Module 1 of our FUNCAP program costs 5,340€ incl. 20%VAT.

Who is it suitable for?

It is intended for smaller organisations with an annual turnover of less than €1 million.

Can I get some more information?

You are happy to browse the website, send us an email or book your personal Zoom call with us.


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