Lotex Foundation

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1) About

Established in 2004, the Lotex Foundation (Lotex Stiftung) supports smaller projects focusing on Latin America that are primarily managed by local partners on site. The Foundation supports domestic and foreign individuals and institutions as well as individual events, initiatives or projects focusing on cultural, social, humanitarian, development and ecological issues as well as development cooperation and sustainable development. The Foundation particularly supports organisations that require a targeted start-up financing for their projects.

2) Thematic Interest

  • Education and training (especially children)
  • Social work
  • Fairtrade
  • Environment (e.g. marine protection)

3) Focus Countries

They operate worldwide with a regional focus on Latin America.

4) Application Procedure

Applications can be sent throughout the year, using the application form on their website. Proposals should be sent by email to: info(a)lotex-stiftung.li, or alternatively by post (see contact details below). The Foundation appreciates when applicants can contribute to a project within the limits of their financial means. Grant sizes vary depending on the nature of the project. Most project funding goes into education and training projects, followed by fair-trade, social and environmental (e.g. marine protection) projects.

5) Contact

Lotex Stiftung
c/o. Crea Trust reg.
Josef-Rheinberger-Strasse 2
9490 Vaduz

T: +423 237 65 70
F: + 423 237 65 71
E: info(a)lotex-stiftung.li

Contact person: Mr. Markus Fivian (Manager)

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