Sabin Children’s Foundation

Lisa Ringhofer

1) About

Sabin Children’s Foundation (SCF) is committed to meeting children’s basic needs that are not already being addressed by governments or relief organisations. The Foundation regularly partners with local volunteer physicians and humanitarian organisations which provide critical and life-changing surgeries for children. Because these surgeries are performed by volunteers, costs are low. The Foundation provides capital to partner organisations which help administer medical and humanitarian programs to children in greatest need.

2) Thematic areas

  • Medical treatment by volunteer physicians
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Education
  • Children and youth

3) Focus Countries

They provide assistance to humanitarian projects/organisations across the globe (developing countries). Some of their funded projects are based in Bolivia, China, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, and Zambia.

4) Application Procedure

The application procedures and guidelines are not displayed on their website.

5) Contact

Sabin Children’s Foundation
17140 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92128

T: +1 858 798 1450
F: +1 858 487 9890
E: sh(a)