Donor: Fondation Nexans
Application procedure: Online Application
Donor base: France
Reference number: -
Eligible applicants: Non-Profit Organisation
Deadline: 26.03.2024

Financial details

Grant size: Small - up to $100,000
Minimum grant size: -
Total available budget: -
Funding type: Grants
Maximum grant size: -
Funding ratio: up to 100%


  • Capacity Building
  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Environment & Natural Resources

Project Locations

  1. Africa

      Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia

  2. America

      Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru

  3. Asia

      China, Korea, Lebanon, Turkey


1) Objective

The purpose of the Nexans Corporate Foundation is to:

  • support sustainable electrification projects designed to help reduce energy poverty and poverty around the world.
  • promote training and education for local people in the technical, energy and environmental fields
  • to support environmental projects (climate, energy sobriety, protection of resources and biodiversity, etc.) linked to the challenges of electrification.

2) Eligibility

Eligibility is limited to  international NGOs or recognized associations (i.e.: law 1901 in France) that exist for at least 2 years.

3) Location

They give priority to the countries in which the Group is present: (1) South America (Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia); (2) Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria); (3) Near and Middle East (Turkey, Lebanon); (4) Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China); (5) North America (Canada, USA) and (6) Europe (France, Ukraine). But they also support projects in countries where they are not present if they meet all the other criteria’s.

4) Budget

They have an annual budget of €300,000 and support around 20 new organisations every year.

5) Application

The application deadline is 26 March 2024. A full proposal must be submitted online.

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