2018: Call for Concept Note

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

HUF invites organisations with scalable solutions that can transform India’s water footprint in agriculture from a highly inefficient state to one of ‘more crop per drop’ for submission in 2018 (July-September). Specifically, the foundation is seeking projects that demonstrate innovation and measurable outcomes in the following areas: (1) Practice: On-field behaviour change solutions that lead to substantive water and input cost savings in traditional water intensive crops that improve crop yields and wellbeing for small farmers; (2) Markets: Effective market-based institutions that support widescale adoption of indigenous, climate hardy and water responsible foods with consumers; connecting farmers and consumers with few(er) intermediaries; (3) People: Catalyse water related rural job creation through cadres of trained community professionals equipped with robust water and crop management tools; and (4) Technology: Data-driven digital decision-making tools for rural communities for effective water conservation, ground water management, optimised village-level crop portfolios and market access.

2) Eligibility

Eligible applicants are Non Government Organisations and Non Profit Organisations.

3) Location

Actions must take place in India.

4) Budget

Total funding volume and grant sizes are not specified.

5) Application

All interested applicants are encouraged to first take the eligibility self-assessment online. The purpose of the self-assessment is to give applicants a quick overview of the qualifying criteria for the RFP. On completion of the eligibility self-assessment, applicants can proceed to submit a brief concept note online. In case applicants find it challenging to fill the concept note online, they can also download the concept note, complete it and upload it on their registered window. Last date of submission of concept note is 15 August 2018.