Call for Proposal for Eswatini

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The project will focus on building capacities of technicians in the MTEA, line departments and national experts and institutions, including the University of Eswatini (UNESWA), as well as other stakeholders, to develop robust sustainable data collection processes, including institutional arrangements, and improved Tier 2 data for future inventory compilation. In addition, the project aims to undertake a renewable energy policy assessment in order to model the climate, economic and social impacts of various scenarios on emissions and the community and the economy as a whole, particularly in the agriculture and LULUCF sectors.

This project will have an adaptation and a mitigation component. The specific objectives are to:
1. Develop a framework for monitoring and tracking adaptation actions in the health and water sectors to meet Eswatini’s NDC targets and to strengthen capacities to construct frameworks for other sectors;
2. Contribute towards ongoing efforts to build a national transparency framework that meets international standards but is tailored for domestic needs;
3. Contribute towards ongoing efforts to improve the availability, collection and quality of data required for estimating emissions in the energy and AFOLU sectors and enables Eswatini to meet its enhanced international reporting standard requirements;
4. Contribute towards the continued improvement of the GHG inventory and capacity to compile the inventory;
5. Enhance capacitates to analyse and assess the GHG emission reductions and selected SD impacts of renewable energy policies;
6. Support the implementation of NDC targets.

2) Eligibility

Grant applications shall only be accepted from non-governmental organizations, research and training institutions, community based organizations, or private entities with the ability to operate on a no-profit basis.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Eswatini.

4) Budget

The grant size is not mentioned.

5) Application

Deadline for submission is ​19th March 2021 (by 23:59, Copenhagen, Denmark Time). All application documents need to be submitted via email.