Call for Proposals for Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

PFAN has launched a call for proposals for climate and clean energy projects and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Selected projects will receive no-cost coaching by professional consultants and, once they are investment-ready, benefit from PFAN’s Investment Facilitation services. The coaching support provided through the PFAN Project Development and Financing Initiative for Climate & Clean Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia will help entrepreneurs develop and refine a financially viable and socially and environmentally sustainable business plan, to be employed in subsequent investor outreach. After completing the coaching phase, the projects will receive assistance in terms of financial mobilisation, deal making facilitation and other follow-up support. The project/business must promote or use clean energy and/or climate resilience technologies, products or services, including, but not limited to the following technology areas: Biomass, Biogas, Bio-fuels, Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Tidal / Ocean, Energy Products from Forestry, Rural Electrification & Energy Access, Ecosystem Services, Urban & Peri-Urban Development, Distributed & Off-grid Generation, Energy Storage & Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Demand Reduction, Waste to Energy, Emissions Reduction, Clean Transport, Climate Change Adaptation,  Agriculture and agribusinesses, Productive use of Clean Energy, Tourism, and Water & Sanitation.

2) Eligibility

Entrepreneurs looking to initiate or scale-up clean energy or other climate change-related projects are eligible to apply.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

4) Budget

Maximum proposed budget is $50,000,000.

5) Application

This is a rolling, open-ended call for proposals, which means that you may apply at any time. However, if you wish to be eligible to pitch your project in the upcoming West Africa Forum for Climate and Clean Energy Financing, to be held in the autumn of 2019, please apply by 20 January 2019, and if you would like to qualify for the Asia Forum for Climate and Clean Energy Financing, to be held in Singapore in late 2019, please submit your proposal by 24 January 2019. All submissions are to be made online through PFAN’s Climate-Invest Management system. Applications submitted via email cannot be considered. In order to be considered, applicants must complete the following 3 steps: (1) registration through the online PFAN Climate-Invest Management System; (2) completion of the online Application Form in the PFAN Climate-Invest Management System; and (3) submission of a Project Proposal and supporting documents through the online PFAN Climate-Invest Management System.