CSOs for Accountable Justice Institutions

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The global objective of this call for proposals is: to improve access to justice for all in Afghanistan. The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals are: (1) Objective 1: to improve access to justice in Afghanistan through the provision of legal aid, assistance and information to raise citizens’ awareness on their rights, and to afford them the means to have such rights enforced, including in remote and rural locations, focussing in particular on women and children as victims of crime, and victims of corruption-related crimes; (2) Objective 2: to empower CSOs to carry out their “watchdog function” regarding government service delivery, transparency and accountability in particular regarding the implementation of the agreed reform measures by the AGO with specific focus on the performance of the AGO’s specialised prosecution units for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) and Anti-Corruption (AC).

The priority(ies) of this call for proposals is/are: The proposed actions shall focus on either one or both specific objectives, although priority will be given to actions that foresee provision of legal aid. The actions shall propose activities that target specifically women and children victims of crimes as well as victims of crimes involving corruption, in particular small scale, petty corruption. Actions should be implemented in as wide as possible a range of locations across Afghanistan, ideally through the use of sub-granting schemes to reach local grassroots organisations.

2) Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must: (1) be a legal person; (2) be non-profit-making; (3) be civil society organisations, including non-governmental non-profit organisations and media, community-based organisations, and private sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations, and networks thereof at local, national, regional, and international level; and (4) be established in Afghanistan or in a Member State of the European Union or an accession, potential or official EU candidate country as recognised by the EU, or in a Member State of the European Economic Area or of the OECD.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Afghanistan.

4) Budget

The overall indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is €4,500,000. Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between the minimum €1,300,000 and maximum €1,500,000. Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between the minimum (51%) and maximum (90%) percentage of total eligible costs of the action. The initial planned duration of an action may neither be less than 24 months nor exceed 36 months.

5) Application

The concept note together with the declaration by the lead applicant must be submitted online via PROSPECT. The deadline for the submission is 22/09/2019 at 23:59 at (Brussels date and time).