Donor: European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Application procedure: Full Proposal
Donor base: Belgium
Reference number: -
Eligible applicants: Non-Profit Organisation, Social Business
Deadline: 30.09.2020

Financial details

Grant size: Small - up to $100,000
Minimum grant size: 10.000€
Total available budget: 290.000€
Funding type: Prize
Maximum grant size: 10.000€
Funding ratio: 100%


  • Covid-19

Project Locations

  1. Europe

      Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia


1) Objective

The Civil Solidarity Prize will reward up to 29 not-for-profit initiatives carried out by natural persons, civil society organisations or private companies which aim to tackle the Covid-19 crisis and its manifold consequences. The overall aim of the prize, which is awarded as a one-off edition instead of the annual EESC Civil Society Prize, is to raise awareness and increase visibility of the contribution that natural persons, civil society organisations and private companies have made or are making to creating a European identity and solidarity in a way that underpins the common values that are the foundation of European integration.

The specific objective of the Civil Solidarity Prize is to reward effective and creative initiatives carried out on the territory of the EU or in the UK which aim to tackle the Covid-19 crisis and its manifold consequences. To be eligible, initiatives must fulfil the three criteria listed hereafter:
 They must be not-for-profit, such as for example selfless initiatives, charity projects, individual or corporate volunteering etc.;
 They must have already been implemented or be still ongoing on 30 September 2020 (closing date for submission of applications);
 They must be directly linked to the crisis, i.e. specifically aimed at fighting against Covid-19 and/or tackling its manifold consequences.

The initiatives proposed for the prize can cover a wide range of themes, such as, for example (nonexhaustive list):
 actions linked to health, health equipment, medical devices, assistance and care;
 temporary initiatives aimed at mitigating the immediate effects of the coronavirus crisis and to meet the urgent needs of the target groups;
 specific measures to help the most deprived, disadvantaged or vulnerable people or groups
(incl. refugees), protect them from the disease itself and alleviate the impact of the crisis;
 initiatives linked to the situation of specific target groups in the time of confinement;
 initiatives aimed at tackling the economic and occupational consequences of the health crisis;
 initiatives to support the recovery of the European economy or of specific sectors in the aftermath of the pandemic;
 initiatives aimed at increasing the reaction capacity in case of future comparable crisis.

2) Eligibility

The EESC Civil Solidarity Prize is open on equal terms to all natural persons and private law bodies. Public authorities, governmental organisations and other public bodies are not eligible.

3) Location

Actions must take place in the EU.

4) Budget

The Committee plans to award a maximum of 29 prizes. Each prize has a value of €10,000. The Committee is not bound to award all 29 prizes. The EESC may decide not to award the Civil Solidarity Prize.

5) Application

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 September 2020 at 12:00 noon (CEST). The awards ceremony will take place during the EESC plenary session in January 2021. Applications are to be made by filling in the online application form (www.eesc.europa.eu/civilsocietyprize). In duly justified cases linked to documented technical problems, the EESC may allow candidates to apply by email, fax or post.

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