Grants from Open Meadows Foundation

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1) Objective

Open Meadows is specifically looking to direct its resources towards changing the world. They are looking for projects focused on activism, political change, and empowerment directed by, and benefiting women and girls. Examples include projects focused on: Standing Rock, boycotts, marches, creation of new activist organizations, labor rights, community organizing, voting rights, environmental activism, economic rights, and other forms of political action encouraging participation by women and girls for women and girls.

In addition to their general fund, the Foundation also has three special funds, which follow the guidelines of Open Meadows, but also are targeted to specific groups and/or for specific activities: (1) Jeanne Meurer Indigenous Women’s Fund: grants projects related to issues concerning indigenous women; (2) Ellen Dougherty Activist Fund for Young Women: grants to young women 19 and under who propose to develop and lead projects that are focused on activism and social change; and (3) Edie Windsor Fund for Old Lesbians: supports projects developed by lesbians age 60 and older concerning lesbian rights and activism.

2) Eligibility

Organisations interested in applying must have tax exempt status or a fiscal sponsor that is tax exempt under 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Small and start-up organizations are given priority. Only organisations with a total income less than $75,000 are eligible. They offer grants under $2,000 to projects that: (1) are designed and implemented by women and girls; (2) reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both its leadership and organization; (3) promote building community power; and (4) have limited financial access.

3) Location

They fund projects worldwide (i.e. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Hungary, India, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda).

4) Budget

Grants (up to $2,000) are offered to small and start-up organisations whose organisational budget does not exceed $75,000.

5) Application

They only accept on-line applications (a single pdf) that needs to be emailed to openmeadowsfdn(a) Preference is given to first time applicants. Open Meadows only accepts one proposal from an organization at a cycle. If the request is for more than one project, neither project will be considered  The Foundation has two grant cycles per year. For the spring cycle, proposals must be sent between January 1 and February 15 every year. For the fall cycle, proposals must be sent between July 1 to August 15 every year.

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