General call from Democracy and Media Foundation

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The statutory objectives of the Democracy and Media Foundation are to counter all forms of totalitarianism in social and political life and to strive for a vigorous democracy and multifaceted, opinionating media. These objectives are rooted in the origin of the Democracy and Media Foundation, which was established in 1944 by the founders of the illegal resistance newspaper Het Parool. These objectives shaped the foundation’s current mission: to invest in strong, critical media and a strong, just democratic state based on the rule of law. The Democracy and Media Foundation provides financial support to organizations, projects and other initiatives that promote this mission. The foundation can also provide (external) organizational advice and/or bring different initiatives together. For this call for proposals the Democracy and Media Foundation will also prioritize projects that address the European and Dutch Senate elections in May next year.

They are looking for initiatives that encourage people to vote. Other ideas that further the objectives of our pillars and priorities during the election period are welcome as well. Initiatives with primarily (party) political or religious objectives are not admissible. Types of projects that the Democracy and Media Foundation supports include (but are not limited to): (1) Media productions (long-form) journalistic articles, books, documentaries, podcasts and web or TV series); (2) Digital journalistic platforms; (3) Strategic awareness campaigns; (4) Policy advocacy; (5) Strategic juridical litigation; (6) Cultural and art projects (installations, expositions, theater, etc.). These only qualify for funding by the Democracy and Media Foundation if they further the objectives of the foundation; (7) Lectures and debates (as long as they are rooted in a broader adaptation strategy); and (8) Trainings/capacity building.

2) Eligibility

Only organisations with an existing relationship with the foundation are eligible and will be invited to apply by the Democracy and Media Foundation.

3) Location

The foundation prioritizes projects and organizations with clear added value in the Netherlands. Within the Netherlands, preference goes out to projects with an international or national outlook, as well as local initiatives that are part of a broader strategy for change. Projects taking place outside the Netherlands are granted support only rarely. The foundation limits its support to organizations located in the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Priority is granted to projects in countries were freedom of press and/or the democratic state based on the rule of law is under pressure.

4) Budget 

Grants within this call for applications are considered up to a maximum amount of €75,000 per project (year). The average amount granted by the Democracy and Media Foundation per project is €15,000.

5) Application

Applications only be submitted by registering it via their SDM portal. You can submit project proposals between  Monday 3 September 2018 and Sunday 30 September 2018.