Fast-Track Request from Alert Youth Fund

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

Alert Youth Fund is an independent fund which supports progressive projects for young people. Young people are often not taken serious and in spite of their potential, young people are often not seen as the change agents they are. Alert considers it crucial that young people are heard and being listened to. Young people can be positive driving forces of changes, and Alert believes they need to be supported and encouraged in this. For this reason, Alert supports progressive youth projects globally with seed funding. Through this, Alert tries to contribute to fundamental changes in societies, reflected in equal, fair and just distribution of power, knowledge, capital and a environmentally and human friendly sound way of producing. Alert is managed by young people only, who voluntarily give their time, energy and spirit for this cause. They fund activities in the following areas: (1) social and political participation; (2) environment and sustainability; (3) emancipation and sexual rights; (4) peace and dialogue; and (5) human rights and global justice. Interested organisations can submit a fast track request of up to a maximum of €250 (an app. 300-word description including a clear and concrete project description – typically the what, who, where, why & how). The initiative or project should take effect on short notice.

2) Eligibility

Eligible are: legal entities and individuals.

3) Location

Actions can take place across the globe.

4) Budget

Organisations should have a total annual budget of less than €15,000 and require at most €250 from the Fund. 

5) Application

Organisations can submit the application form at any given time which is available on their website. They will respond within two weeks. After the project is finished, Alert expects to receive a financial and narrative report as soon as possible, also for fast-track requests.