Grants from Efico Foundation

1) Objective

Created by Efico in 2003 to promote sustainable coffee and cocoa production, the Efico Foundation works to improve the lives of coffee and cacao producers and their families. In therefore provides financial support for certification, training and education programs for local coffee and cacao growing associations and organisations. The Foundation is particularly interested to work with organisations that protect the ecosystems and conditions of people in producing countries.

2) Eligibility

Non-profit organisations are eligible to apply.

3) Location

Grant funding is provided to projects in coffee/cacao growing region. The Foundation currently funds projects in 16 countries in Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Peru), Africa (Congo, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Western Sahara, and Ghana) and Switzerland.

4) Budget

No standard funding amount is set. The amount of assistance is decided based on the details of the project and the project budget plan. Usually grants tend to range from €10,000-€20,000.

5) Application

The application procedures and guidelines are not displayed on their website.