Grants from Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer

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1) Objective

The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress (FPH) is a Swiss foundation created in 1982. The Foundation’s mission is to finance, through grant funding or loans, research and action contributing in a significant and innovative way to the progress of humankind through science and social development. Its work focuses on governance, ethics, and sustainable modes of living. FPH provides long-term structural support for civil society organisations that suggest viable alternatives and address the themes of its programmes: (1) the issue of lifestyles and socio-economic organisation in a post-consumerist world: transition to sustainable societies; (2) the issue of regional cooperation in a multi-polar world, and the need for legitimate governance so populations will support authorities: legitimate governance and regional cooperation; (3) the issue of actors’ responsibility, of adopting rules and principles that apply to everyone, and the evolution of law: responsibility and ethics; and (4) the issue of how to diffuse and structure information to support societal change: methods and tools for diffusing information that support the transition.

More specifically, the Foundation supports: (1) connecting actors with alternative solutions—and their capacity to coordinate—in a network, whether such actors are part of traditional structures or not; (2) developing joint analyses and proposals so we can change scale and produce expertise; and (3) diffusion of alternative solutions (through experience-sharing, advocacy, campaigns, publications, etc.) to spread best practices, propose good public policies and trigger a change of scale.

2) Eligibility

Non-profit organisations which support the following key areas are eligible to apply: (1) technical democracy; (2) good governance; (3) ethics and responsibility; (4) sustainable society; (5) cultural exchange and (6) economic development.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Caucasus, and Central Asia, and Europe.

4) Budget

No standard funding amount is set. The amount of assistance is decided based on the details of the project and the project budget plan.

5) Application

Applications must be submitted online via their website. A funding application must contain at least the following: (1) a description of the issues discussed and their relevance to the three programmatic areas of the Foundation; and (2) a description of the human, intellectual and financial resources to implement the project. There are no deadlines.

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