Grants from Gupta Family Foundation

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

Gupta Family Foundation supports intervention programs that assist and inspire people to achieve self-sufficiency. The foundation also aims at providing social assistance to children and adults in dire need, in order to help them achieve self-reliance for a better life. The Foundation makes grants to non-government organisations (NGOs) providing social assistance to people challenged by poverty, disability, or discrimination. The Foundation also supports relief agencies that serve people affected by emergencies and natural disasters. They have supported projects in the area of:

  • Providing educational opportunities in the arts that promote confidence, self-discovery, and creative problem-solving skills
  • Safe families and free of violence
  • Development of marginalized communities to improve their quality of life
  • Prevent child trafficking with education, shelter, and love
  • Support of children who are deaf

2) Eligibility

Qualifying grantee organisations are non-sectarian IRS 501(c)(3) entities involved in social services consistent with the Foundation’s goals. Organisations not certified under IRS 501(c)(3) may also qualify for Gupta Family Foundation grants by submitting the affidavit. The qualifying process may include personal interviews and site visits.

3) Location

They do not have any focus countries; countries that have received aid from the Gupta Family Foundation include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Nicaragua, Uganda and the United States.

4) Budget

The Foundation evaluates and awards grants annually that range up to $50,000, with a focus on smaller organizations that are led by individuals with a deep personal commitment to their projects. At least 90% of grant monies is expected to directly reach the beneficiaries.

5) Application

Prospective applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal initially that sets forth the need, nature, and amount of their request, along with evidence of suitable classification by the IRS (for US-based organisations) and success stories of how the organisation has helped people achieve self-sufficiency. Submission period for new applications are from July 1 – September 30. Notification of approval to grantees is March 31.