Grants from Ignacio Martín-Baró Fund

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The Martín-Baró Fund was established to honor the memory of Father Ignacio Martín-Baró, a Jesuit priest and social psychologist who was murdered in El Salvador in 1989, and to further the goals to which he dedicated his life. Their grants support progressive, grassroots groups throughout the world who are challenging institutional repression and confronting the mental health consequences of violence and injustice in their communities. The Fund has a strong preference for projects which are developing innovative and progressive ways to deal with the mental health consequences of violence and political repression. Applicants should understand that we do not view mental health and human rights as issues which can be addressed separately, but are seeking to fund activities which explore the links between them.

The goals are: (1) to support innovative grassroots projects that explore the power of the community to foster healing within individuals and communities that are trying to recover from experiences of institutional violence, repression, and social injustice; (2) To promote education and critical awareness about the psychosocial consequences of structural violence, repression and social injustice on individuals and communities, while educating ourselves and the wider community about the community-based reponses of grantees in their pursuit of social reparation and a more just and equitable world; and (3) to build collaborative relationships among the Fund, its grantees, and its contributors for mutual education and social change.

2) Eligibility

They prefer to support grassroots, community-based projects which focus on the needs and concerns of the community as well as of the individual. They are especially interested in supporting groups located in regions harmed by U.S. policies and/or addressing problems created or aggravated by those policies.

3) Location

Actions can take place in various countries worldwide.

4) Budget

Grants are usually no more than $7,000.

5) Application

Interested applicants must send a 1-2 page letter of interest after May 1 and before September 1, 2019. The letter should include the following: (1) a brief description of the mental health and human rights issues the proposed project seeks to address; (2) how the proposed project will address these issues (be as specific as possible within the page limitations); and (3) if applicable, the annual budget for the organisation. If the organisation is part of a larger parent organisation, applicants need to give an estimate of its annual budget as well. One may submit the letter by regular mail to the address below, or by email to apply(a) They will send confirmation that the letter has been received via email. Ignacio Martín-Baró Fund, Post Office Box 302122, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, U.S.A. Deadline for final proposals will be February 1, 2019.