Grants from Niwano Peace Foundation

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The Niwano Peace Foundation was set up in 1979 and has since operated a large grant-making program in support of research and activities that foster peace. The Foundation currently runs two grant programs:

  • (1) Social activities based on a religious spirit: aActivities for individual and community welfare and peace, both physical and spiritual, based on a religious spirit that emerges from reverence for God, Buddha, or other universal spiritual reality. In particular, peace-making activities related to education, volunteer work, development cooperation, environmental protection, human rights or social problems of an aging society done in a spirit of religious tolerance which transcends religious boundaries.
  • (2) Grass-roots activities deployed on a local community: Activities to vitalize local communities through interdisciplinary workshops and meetings with particular emphasis on collaboration by groups and individuals from diverse organizations and religious groups. It is expected to come up with some new values of the independent mind. Examples would be workshops and outreach programs to inspire the people to think about how people living in the far away countries are related to their own lives, or to encourage development of local activities in which people “think globally, and act locally.”

2) Eligibility

Application may be made by either an individual or an organisation. Any group which has been in continuous existence for a reasonable length of time is eligible to apply, whether or not its is legally incorporated.

3) Location

They have no defined focus countries. Previously funded projects are implemented in the Philippines, El Salvador, India, Israel, Peru, Vietnam, and Nepal.

4) Budget

The amount for which one applicant can apply tends to be up to €9,000 (1,000,000 Japanese yen). The Foundation provides funding to around 20 new projects per year.

5) Application

Applicant is required to submit application papers prescribed by NPF.  Applications form can be downloaded from their website. Applicants are encouraged to please submit their application by E‐mail or Postal mail at the following address: Niwano Peace Foundation (NPF), Grant Unit, Shamvilla Catherina 5F , 1‐16‐9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku‐ku, Tokyo 160‐0022, JAPAN,  E mail: npfgrant(a) The application deadline is every year from 22 September to 22 October.