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1) Objective 

The mission of the Fondazione is to help children in need through the support and promotion of international and domestic projects (focusing, for organizational and operational reasons, on those that are developed in Veneto and Emilia Romagna). The areas of intervention that the Fondazione supports and promotes are: (1) food and health assistance; (2) sheltering and psychological support; (3) education and training. The action of the Foundation is mainly focused on minors living in the third and fourth world, where malnutrition, diseases and difficult social situations kill or invalid millions of children every year; they also operate in their local situation, by supporting and promoting various initiatives.

2) Eligibility

Fondazione Zanetti Onlus supports projects in favour of children in need submitted by public or private, non-profit organizations, legally recognized and with at least 3 years of proven experience in the sector.

3) Location

They have no defined focus countries and so far have supported projects in Albania, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Zambia, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Palestine, Ecuador, Sudan, Malawi, Niger, Nepal, Haiti, Ukraine, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Angola, and Tanzania.

4) Budget 

The Foundation’s level of project funding varies depending on the type of organisation and need of the project. The contribution may be granted through co-financing or be destined to fully cover the project costs.

5) Application

The project, together with the attached form duly filled out and the listed documents, must be submitted by the deadline indicated, by e-mail to and by paper by regular mail (evidence shall be constituted by the date of dispatch) to Fondazione Zanetti Onlus, Viale Felissent 53 – 31020 Villorba (Treviso). Besides submitting the project with a detailed business plan and the attached form, duly filled out, the following documents must also be submitted: (1) a cover letter signed by the President; (2) project development schedule; (3) memorandum of association; (4) articles of association; and (5) financial statements for the last two years. The deadline for submitting the application is Friday, November 15, 2019.

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