Innovative approaches to enhance poverty-related diseases research

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The purpose of this call for proposals is to fund a number of small- to medium-scale clinical trials and/or clinical research studies that can deliver proof-of-concept or validation of smart, highly innovative technologies or concepts to prevent, treat or diagnose PRDs in sub-Saharan Africa. The call is strictly aimed at supporting novel innovations, and therefore excludes concepts and technologies that have previously been commercialised, rolled out, tested in large trials, or are already in routine use in healthcare settings. The proposed technologies must have the potential to: (1) Provide pilot data to advance the testing of new technologies in future large-scale studies; (2) Generate results to inform the design of larger-scale studies; (3) Accelerate the development of new, low-cost, easy-to-implement solutions to address barriers to progress; (4) Strengthen research capacity of institutions to introduce and implement new technologies; (5) Increase collaboration with (development) partners, including increasing leverage of funding; and (6) Contribute to creating solutions for improved development or delivery of medical interventions for vulnerable populations in low resource settings.

Projects funded under this call for proposals are expected to: (1) accelerate the development of new or improved clinical interventions, or enhance the utility of existing interventions, in order to contribute towards the reduction of the burden of PRDs in sub-Saharan Africa; (2) contribute to the achievement of SDG3 ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’; and (3) contribute to increased uptake and implementation of innovative technologies in research and clinical practice in sub-Saharan Africa.

2) Eligibility 

A proposal/application will only be considered eligible if: (1) its content corresponds, wholly or in part, to the topic/contest description for which it is submitted; (2) it complies with the eligibility conditions for participation set out below, depending on the type of action: At least three legal entities. Two of the legal entities shall be established in two different Participating States (European Partner States)* and one of the legal entities must be established in a sub-Saharan African** country. All three legal entities must be independent of each other. ‘Sole participants’ formed by several legal entities (e.g. European Research Infrastructure Consortia, European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation, central purchasing bodies) are eligible if the above-mentioned minimum conditions are satisfied by the legal entities forming together the sole participant.

3) Location 

Actions must take place in sub-Saharan Africa.

4) Budget

Total budget amount is €23,400,000. Expected number of grants are 5-15 grants.

5) Application 

Proposals must be submitted by 13 August 2020, 17:00 CEST via EDCTPgrants.