Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Grants

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act grant program solicits project proposals for the conservation of Neotropical migratory birds throughout their range. The purpose of the NMBCA is (1) to perpetuate healthy  populations of neotropical migratory birds; (2) to assist in the conservation of neotropical migratory birds by supporting conservation initiatives in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean; and (3) to provide financial resources and to foster international cooperation for those initiatives. Project proposals must (1) demonstrate that the project will enhance the conservation of neotropical migratory bird species in the United States, Canada, Latin America, or the Caribbean; (2) include mechanisms to ensure adequate local public  participation in project development and implementation; (3) contain assurances that the project will be implemented in consultation with relevant wildlife management authorities and other appropriate government officials with jurisdiction over the resources addressed by the project; (4) demonstrate sensitivity to local historic and cultural resources and comply with applicable laws; and (5) describe how the project will promote sustainable, effective, long-term programs to conserve neotropical migratory birds (NMBs).

This funding opportunity aligns with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mission and three of the priorities of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior: (1) Create a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt. Utilize science to identify best practices to manage land and water resources and adapt to changes in the environment by protecting birds throughout their range; (2) Restore trust and be a good neighbor. Expand the lines of communication with Governors, state natural resource offices, Fish and Wildlife offices, water authorities, county commissioners, Tribes, and local communities by protecting bird conservation investments of state, federal, and other U.S. partners. Projects protect those investments by complementary conservation in places where birds migrate and overwinter outside the country, helping maintain healthy populations that will return to the U.S.; and (3) Increase revenues to support the Department and national interests. Ensure that the public receives the full market value for the natural resources produced on federal lands by requiring a 3:1 match, ensuring a significant return on our investment.

2) Eligibility

Eligible applicants are: (1) An individual, corporation, partnership, trust, association, or other private entity; (2) An officer, employee, agent, department, or instrumentality of the Federal Government, state, municipality, or political subdivision of a state, or of any foreign government; (3) A state, municipality, or political subdivision of a state; (4) Any other entity subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. or of any foreign country; or (5) An international organization.

3) Location

Actions can take place in U.S., Canada, or in any country or territory in Latin America and the Caribbean.

4) Budget

The maximum request per proposal is $200,000 for a two-year project. Projects of one year in duration are limited to a request of $100,000. Expected Number of Awards: 30.

5) Application

All applicants are welcome to submit their application to neotropical(a) as a backup to their submission. Application Deadline is November 5, 2019.