NextWorldNow Community Investments

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1) Objective

NextWorldNow partners with communities, providing resources for projects defined by local leaders to improve the lives and well-being of the people in the community. NextWorldNow is interested in supporting many types of community programs: civic participation, education, effective development, environmental mediation – water, sanitation, deforestation, health care access and treatment, human rights, peace and human security, shelter, smallholder productivity and food security, sustainable markets/livelihood. This program is designed for individuals who share a view of a larger self, have decided that they have enough means to live comfortable lives, and want to share their resources with others in a creative and smart way.

2) Eligibility

Non-profit organisations are eligible to apply.

3) Location

NextWorldNow operates in various countries worldwide.

4) Budget

The annual grant amount(s) may be shared with a single project or multiple projects (e.g. two projects requesting $5,000 each). Grant amounts range up to $10,000.

5) Application

Community organisations may complete a one page “Notification of Interest” to register their intent to submit a formal grant application. NWN screens the initial requests and forwards a full application form to select community organisations for completion. NWN accepts completed application submissions until March 31, 2019.

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