Project Innovation Grants

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective 

The Endangered Landscapes Programme provides inspiration for a future in which biodiversity and ecosystem processes are restored to Europe’s degraded lands, establishing resilient, more self-sustaining ecosystems. Working in partnership with local communities, the programme will support the creation of large, connected landscapes that allow species to adapt to environmental stresses and promote the development of local economies and sustainable livelihoods. The Endangered Landscapes Programme supports initiatives that: (1) address biodiversity conservation priorities (for species and habitats) through the creation of dynamic landscapes suitable for threatened wildlife; (2) establish large scale systems of continuous or ecologically-connected habitat where native species can move and disperse; (3) create areas where natural processes are given increased freedom to generate natural patterns and distributions of species; (4) enhance ecosystem and species resilience to the impacts of climate change; (5) help overcome one or more barriers to ecosystem recovery (be they social, economic or political) enabling ecological processes to reach a ‘tipping point’ beyond which, to an extent, they cascade and are self-sustaining; and (6) provide sustainable cultural, social and economic benefits to society, through restored ecosystem functions and ecosystem services.

2) Eligibility 

Applications that are led by not-for-profit organisations including, for example, local, national, regional and international NGOs; social enterprise organisations; and research institutions are invited.

3) Location 

Actions must take place in Europe and in some selected Asian countries.

4) Budget 

The total funding available is $600,000. The maximum that any individual project can apply for is $100,000, and applications for smaller amounts are encouraged. Grants will last up to two years.

5) Application

Applications should be submitted in Word format, using Arial 10 font, to elp(a) Deadline for Expressions of Interest is 09:00 GMT, 4th March 2019.