Donor: Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - Beirut
Application procedure: Full Proposal
Donor base: United States
Reference number: -
Eligible applicants: Non-Profit Organisation
Deadline: 29.04.2024

Financial details

Grant size: Large - more than $1,000,000
Minimum grant size: -
Total available budget: 4.800.000€
Funding type: Grants
Maximum grant size: 1.200.000€
Funding ratio: up to 100%


  • Capacity Building
  • Economic Development
  • Education

Project Locations

  1. Asia



1) Objective

The Initiative will be implemented by AICS Beirut by awarding the activities implementation to four (4) CSOs selected through a CfP and coherently with the procedures for Affidati. The proposed intervention aims at promoting an inclusive and sustainable local development as follows:

– by supporting local business/cooperatives oriented to public value and social impact through technical and financial assistance to scale up the market, create new decent job opportunities and stimulate an increase in job demand.
– by fostering employment opportunities through the improvement of the job placement services and through pilot interventions to support technical and professional training, as well as job placement pathways for vulnerable beneficiaries, unemployed persons, and first-time job seekers at the community level and in collaboration with local authorities.

The Initiative intends to promote the economic local development of the target areas and the active role of the Lebanese local authorities in the development processes and strategic planning; it will adopt market-oriented approaches to boost local economies, as well as a systematic and participatory approach focused on the promotion of synergies among public, private and non-profit stakeholders.

2) Eligibility

Applicants may enter into partnership agreements for the implementation of specific activities of the project with:
a) CSOs from an OECD member country or included in the OECD-DAC list of ODA Recipient Countries
b) Government agencies from an OECD member country or included in the OECD-DAC list of ODA Recipient Countries
c) International Organisations

3) Location

Actions must take place in Lebanon.

4) Budget

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for proposals is €4,800,000 which will be awarded by a maximum of 4 CSOs and/or ATS.

5) Application

The Applicant must submit the proposal in PDF format to AICS Beirut within and no later than, under penalty of exclusion, 3:00 p.m. (Lebanese time) of 29 April 2024 through certified email (PEC) and specifying the following in the subject: “ApplicantAcronym_InitiativeEconomicDevelopment_AID12816” to the e-mail address: beirut@pec.aics.gov.it

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