Donor: Embassy of the Czech Republic in India
Application procedure: Full Proposal
Donor base: Czech Republic
Reference number: -
Eligible applicants: Non-Profit Organisation
Deadline: 26.10.2023

Financial details

Grant size: Small - up to $100,000
Minimum grant size: -
Total available budget: -
Funding type: Grants
Maximum grant size: 20.000$
Funding ratio: up to 100%


  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Children & Youth
  • Climate Change
  • Covid-19
  • Disability
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Food Security
  • Governance & Democracy
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Social Inclusion

Project Locations

  1. Asia

      Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka


1) Objective

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Delhi announces a call for proposals of the Small Scale Projects, which could be supported by a financial contribution within the framework of the Czech Republic development cooperation. The Small Scale Projects (SSP) are one of the instruments of the development cooperation of the Czech Republic. SSP are identified by the respective Embassies of the Czech Republic (through applications submitted by potential implementers) and approved by headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). SSP aims to contribute to the local subject by small-scale development activities in accordance with the beneficiary country´s national development priorities.

By the Czech Republic supported a small scale projects should not only bring development outputs, but should also contribute to increasing the visibility of the Czech Republic in the country. Various projects can be supported, such as projects to promote local development, improve health or medical care, eradicate poverty, make education available, educate people in rural areas, protect the environment, improve the position of women in the society or promote coexistence between ethnic and religious communities.

2) Eligibility

Implementer of the SSP is a local subject with legal subjectivity in the country of the project implementation. Implementer must be eligible to sign contract with MFA CZ that establishes jurisdiction of Czech laws and Czech courts. A SSP may be implemented, for example by an educational, health, social or cultural institution, a non-governmental non-profit organization, a cooperative, a territorial unit. Funds are allocated to non-political and non-governmental group. A contribution can not be claimed by an individual, political party or state institution.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

4) Budget

The financial contribution for a SSP is from 200,000 CZK to 500,000 CZK (approx. up to 20,500, – USD, 20,000, – EUR). Co-financing from other sources is arbitrary and desirable. The project should be effective and economical, for which reason all receipts must be documented. Total cost of salary/fee, subsistence allowance, accommodation, travel cost and eventual insurance and vaccination of the experts must not exceed 25 % of the project´s total costs,

5) Application

The application must be delivered both in hard (by post) and soft copy (by email) to the diplomatic staff of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi by October 26, 2023.

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