Supporting Livelihoods in Syria

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1) Objective

The objective of this APS is to combine humanitarian assistance and development approaches to build resiliency at the household and community levels in Syria through strengthened food security and livelihood opportunities. Applicants are required to address the fifth sub-objective below and at least one of the first four in the application: (1) strengthen market access and functionality: strengthen access to markets and market systems, particularly with regard to farm-to-market linkages and systems of private service providers; (2) strengthen agricultural and livestock production: increase incomes of targeted households and businesses; increase production/yield of crops; improve seed quality, access and availability; improve breeding livestock quality health, quality, access and availability; increase extension services and/or capacity building opportunities; strengthen the ability of targeted households and communities to navigate shocks (e.g. drought and conflict) to their food security; (3) strengthen livelihood opportunities and value chains critical to food security: promote increased private sector development and positive economic interdependencies; replace or rehabilitate livelihood assets and inputs; promote diversification of productive assets and practices; improve agriculture related dietary diversity, and build capacity along the agribusiness value chain; (4) improve water management, irrigation and land use techniques: address the complex water issues exacerbated by the conflict, in collaboration with local governance institutions where feasible; (5) learning and data collection: conduct and disseminate market, post-harvest, seed system, value chain, and/or livelihoods assessment(s) and action research in order to inform current and future programming.

2) Eligibility

U.S. and non-US organisations may participate under this APS. For the purposes of this APS, NGOs include any incorporated entity, either non-profit or for-profit, other than a governmental organisation.

3) Location

This activity is restricted to non-Regime control territories only in Syria.

4) Budget

USAID intends to provide $16,000,000 in total USAID funding over a three-year period. In general, the estimated amount of each award is anticipated to be approximately at $3,000,000 to $7,000,000. The expected number of awards is 3. A costs sharing is encouraged but is not required.

5) Application

There are two steps to the application under this APS: (1): step one is submission of a concept paper; and (s) step two is submission of a full application, if requested. The application deadline is 7 July 2017.

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