Tunisia Civil Society Accelerator (EXCEL)

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) and the United States Embassy in Tunisia, Assistance Unit announce a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to strengthen the capacity of Tunisian CSOs to function as sustainable organizations. A successful project will result in Tunisian CSOs: (1) adopting professional standards of ethics and accountability including financial and governing principles as well as monitoring & evaluation; (2) improving their ability to attract and develop sustainable funding; and (3) increasing their potential to strategically develop organizational capacity and financial stability. This notice identifies two Priority Areas. Applicants must address both Priority Areas identified below and address as many of the activities as possible: (1) Priority Area 1: Selection, Training, and Business Development; and (2) Priority Area 2: Sub-award Competition, Mentoring, & Implementation.

To clearly assess successful execution and completion of proposed projects, results should achieve the following: (1)  30 of Tunisia’s most established CSOs are trained in sustainable funding and in best practices for financial management and governance; (2) at least 75% of the CSOs participating in the Priority Area 1 and all of the CSOs participating in Priority Area 2 implement internal reforms to target changes related to organizational governance;  (3) project management and monitoring & evaluation; financial management; and marketing, outreach, and sustainable funding, as described above; (4) at least 50% of the CSOs participating in both the Priority Areas identify and successfully implement initiatives to secure new sustainable funding streams for core funding (fundraising, private sector partnerships/corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, membership fees, etc.); (5) at least 75% of CSOs participating in Priority Area 2 successfully secure new sustainable funding streams for core funding (fundraising, private sector partnerships/corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, membership fees, etc.); (6) at least 50% of the CSOs participating in both Priority Areas develop internal monitoring & evaluation policies for future programs; and (7) all the CSOs participating in the Priority Area 2 must have a well-trained monitoring & evaluation staff member.

2) Eligibility

Applications will only be accepted from organizations that have previously operated in Tunisia or have personnel who have previously worked in Tunisia and can demonstrate experience working with Tunisian Civil Society Organizations.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Tunisia.

4) Budge

Estimated Total Program Funding is $1,913,000. Maximum award amount is $1,913,000 and minimum award amount is $1,500,000. Estimated Number of Awards: 1. Estimated Length of Project Period is 2 years. Maximum Length of Project Period with Option Year(s) is 4 years. Estimated Award Total with the Option Year is $3,913,000. Maximum award for Option years is $2,000,000.

5) Application

Applicants must submit their application electronically using either Grants.gov OR SAMS Domestic. Applications must be time stamped before 17:00:00 eastern time (ET) on 6/21/2019.