USAID Feed The Future (FTF): Resiliência Integrada na Nutrição e Agricultura (RESINA)

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

The goal of FTF RESINA is to: Increase resilience of smallholder farmers and rural households in selected districts of Zambezia and Nampula provinces.

  • Intermediate Result (IR) 1: Increased Household Food Security: A growing, resilient, competitive, inclusive, nutritious, and sustainable agriculture and food system increases producers’ income through productivity and profitability improvements. Increased productivity and income results in improved producers’ and consumers’ access to adequate food year-round and improves the to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stresses. This is especially important for the poor, who spend the majority of their incomes on food.
  • Intermediate Result (IR) 2: Improved Management of Productive Natural Resources: The households and communities we serve live in increasingly complex and interconnected risk environments in which shocks and stresses are more frequent and the negative impacts from climate variability, natural disasters, and environmental degradation on agricultural productivity are exacerbated by parallel risks. In instances where shocks or stresses cannot be avoided, the resilience of individuals, households, communities, and systems can be strengthened to help them more effectively respond, bounce back and recover more quickly and use resources and strategies that enable them to adapt to longer-term trends and changes in their risk environment to not only protect, but improve, future well-being.
  • Intermediate Result (IR) 3: Improved nutrition outcomes of women, adolescent girls, and young children (food and water utilization): Nutrition is central to sustainable development and is required to make progress on issues such as health, education, employment, poverty, inequality, and the empowerment of girls and women. This Intermediate Result in combination with those leading to inclusive and sustainable agriculture led economic growth, i.e. strengthened resilience among people and systems and improved management of productive natural resources will contribute toward the global goal of ending malnutrition in all its forms, with a special focus on improved access to nutrition services and interventions maximizing the impact of nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

2) Eligibility

Eligibility for this RFA is not restricted. This activity will be a full and open competition.

3) Location

Based on the evidence laid out in the previous section, the RESINA Activity will target districts in Nampula and Zambezia provinces in north/central Mozambique.

4) Budget

The U.S. Government anticipates awarding a single Cooperative Agreement as a result of this solicitation. The Agency reserves the right to award more or no awards than the anticipated number stated above. Subject to funding availability and at the discretion of the Agency, USAID intends to provide approximately $29,500,000.00 in total USAID funding over a 5 (five) year period.

5) Application

The application deadline is 26 October 2021. A full proposal must be submitted.