Wijhat Program

Silvia Weninger

1) Objective

Wijhat (Destinations) is a program developed by Culture Resource to address these concerns, by merging the Mawa3eed and Tajwaal programs. It is designed to serve artists and cultural actors in the Arab region by offering grants of up to 8,000 US Dollars to support travel both within and outside the Arab region, thereby enabling the grantees to present their works to new audiences and to engage in new and diverse inter- and intra-Arab cultural exchange experiences. Wijhat aims to contribute to raising awareness of arts and culture from the Arab region, both regionally and internationally, by supporting the regional or international travels of artists and cultural actors from the region. The program offers artists the opportunity to take part in cultural events and activities and present their work to diverse audiences in wider regional and/or international contexts, to exchange knowledge and expertise with peers, and/or to build their professional capacities.

Culture Resource aspires to make this support available to artists and cultural actors from all parts of the Arab region, while ensuring geographic and gender diversity as much as possible. The program covers all activities that offer potential beneficiaries opportunities to develop their skills and capacities, and to present their works to new audiences and potential partners who could have a positive impact on their future professional development. Such activities include: (1) Artistic and cultural festivals; (2) Artistic residencies; (3) Forums, conferences and symposia; (4) Artistic and creative production workshops; and (5) Trainings and capacity building workshops.

2) Eligibility

Eligible applicants are: artists and cultural actors in the Arab region.

3) Location

Actions can take place in Arab Region.

4) Budget

Grants are provided up to $8,000. The program offers 25 to 30 grants per year in three rounds. The support covers: Ticket costs, Visa costs, Accommodation and partial support for living expenses, A recommendation letter from Culture Resource to the relevant embassy in order to support the visa application, if necessary.

5) Application

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but there are specific times for evaluating the applications and announcing the grantees. The program is divided into three rounds: (1) Round 1 – February: The deadline for submissions is 15 January; (2) Round 2 – June: The deadline for submissions is 15 May; and (3) Round 3 – October: The deadline for submissions is 15 September. E-mail the completed form and supporting documents to wijhat(a)mawred.org.