TripleFunds 12 Months Premium

TripleFunds 12 Months Premium


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TripleFunds is our online database providing 1,000 open calls for proposals and 3,500 donor profiles for international cooperation. It covers institutional donors, foundations, UN agencies, funds and many more for over 20 sectors and 150 countries worldwide.

What is included in the membership?

The membership gives you full access to all sections of TripleFunds: two different databases (one for calls for proposals and one for donor profiles), webinars (live and recorded webinars on up-to-date fundraising topics), resource guides (over 50 country mappings and various guides on different donor markets). On top, you get:

  • 1 individualised donor mapping: We research many different sources and screen app. 500,000 donors for you. We then select the best 10 matches which we summarise in a document of app. 15 pages. The mapping contains 1 page overview for each donor: name and contact details, thematic interest, geographical priorities, application procedure, previous grant history and grant amounts as well as our insider knowledge if available.
  • 3 proposal reviews: You send us your proposals and we comment on all sections on how to improve them: problem statement, intervention logic or impact model, sustainability, M&E, budget, additional annexes etc.

For which sectors and countries will I get funding opportunities?

The sectors covered in our database are: agriculture & rural development, health, education, environment, climate change, research & innovation, religion & faith, children & youth, arts & culture, disability, social inclusion, economic development, capacity building, energy, food security, governance & democracy, human rights, humanitarian aid, media & journalism, water & sanitation, women & gender, peace & conflict resolution. The countries of implementation (meaning the countries that you seek funding for) covered are all OECD-DAC countries plus EU member states (excluding EU-15 countries Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).

Which donors will I find in the database?

You will find: institutional donors (i.e., USAID, EU, US departments), foundations (i.e., international and local, private and corporate, etc.), funds, UN agencies (i.e., UNDP, UN Women, UNHCR, WFP), impact investors, NGOs. We thoroughly research donors on a weekly basis and only include those that have a website.

Can I also submit a proposal to you?

No, please do not send us any proposal as we are not a donor. We are a service provider giving you information on different funding opportunities but you then need to approach the donor yourself. Please always respect the application procedures (i.e., do not call if donor explicitly mentions this on the website, do not submit application packages unless it says so, follow the guidelines, etc.). Additionally, we recommend building personal relations with a donor before submitting any application documents. This takes time and resources but usually pays off.

How much does the package cost?

The membership costs 99€ per month and is billed yearly (1,188€ in total). The duration is 12 months.

Is my membership renewed automatically?

Yes, but you can switch off automatic renewal anytime: please login to you account, go to ‘Dashboard’ and ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Cancel’ (under Actions) to turn off automatic renewal.

How many user accounts does this package include?

It includes 5 users.

Can I get some more information?

You are happy to browse the website, send us an email or book your personal call (incl. a demo of TripleFunds) with us.


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