Small-scale projects from German Embassy Kenya

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1) Objective 

Through its „Small Project Fund“, the German Embassy can financially support projects that aim at improving living conditions of poor and marginalised population groups. The fund is directly administered by the Embassy, Department for Economic Cooperation and Development, and grants from the fund can be disbursed swiftly in an unbureaucratic procedure. By supporting small scale projects, these must have a direct impact on the living conditions of the project’s target group. As the fund is mainly targeted on achieving livelihood improvements for populations in rural areas, a project proposal is to meet the specific requirements of the involved community and must be sustainable. The fund supports projects mainly within the following areas: (1) income generating activities; (2) water, sanitation and hygiene; (3) education, vocational training; and (5) health, especially in rural areas.

2) Eligibility 

Non-governmental and public benefit organisations duly registered under Kenyan law, hospitals, schools, religious organisations as well as county and local authorities are eligible to apply.

3) Location 

Actions must take place in Kenya.

4) Budget 

The total volume of the Small Project Fund is rather limited and the number of project applications received by the Embassy regularly exceeds the financial means it disposes of. Hence, a grant which can be allocated per project is generally small (max. $10,000).

5) Application 

Eligible applicants are encouraged to submit a brief, but detailed proposal to the Embassy. Applicants should use the official forms that are provided by the Embassy upon request by email. All forms must be computer-filled and signed by two members of the applying organisation that are responsible for the implementation of the project. A proposal must imperatively contain the following information: (1) who is the applying organisation and who are the beneficiaries of the project; (2) what kind of project is proposed; (3) what are the exact project contents and objectives; and (4) who is going to manage the project and how. There are no deadlines.

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