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Donor mapping is an effective method for expanding your donor network and enhancing your funding prospects. It provides insights into donors’ thematic interests, application procedures, and geographic focus, increasing the likelihood of securing funding. By identifying donors aligned with your project and organizational goals, donor mapping significantly boosts your chances of success.

What is a donor mapping?

Donor mapping involves highly targeted research to identify 20 potential donor matches tailored to your specific criteria. This can be conducted for a particular project, program, or your organization as a whole. You have the flexibility to focus on specific donor types (e.g., foundations), geographic regions (e.g., US-based donors), sectors (e.g., agriculture, health, education), or individual countries (e.g., single country, multi-country, or regional focus).

Which benefits does a donor mapping have for us?

Professional donor mapping assists in expanding your donor base by identifying new and suitable donors. Outsourcing this process to experts saves you time and resources, while also preventing proposals from being sent to low-prospect donors. By following a well-established research methodology, the chances of finding donors with high potential matches for your organization and projects are significantly increased.

What are the necessary steps?

  1. You inform us of the project/program/organization requiring funding via our questionnaire
  2. We hold an online Zoom meeting to thoroughly comprehend your requirements
  3. We conduct the comprehensive research covering various databases, reports, foundation directories and more
  4. You receive a Word document containing 20 potential donors along with an in-depth analysis.
  5. We schedule a follow-up call to discuss the findings and next steps

Which donors are covered in the mapping?

In general, our donor mapping service covers: (1) Governments: Including USAID, NORAD, DANIDA, BMZ, ADA, embassies, and European Commission funding programs; (2) Foundations: Encompassing large and small family, community, and corporate foundations offering grants; (3) UN Agencies: Mapping funding opportunities provided by various UN agencies; (4) Funds: Identifying donor funds available globally; (5) (i)NGOs: Including (International) Non-Governmental Organizations that administer grant programs for other development actors.

What information does the mapping contain?

The mapping document provides comprehensive details about each donor, including: (1) Contact Information: Address and contact details for reaching out; (2) Background Info: Background information on the donor, including their mission and history; (3) Thematic Focus: Overview of their funding priorities and areas of interest; (4) Countries: Listing of countries where they typically invest or operate; (5) Grant Sizes: Information on their annual funding volume and individual grant sizes; (6) Application Procedure: Details on the application process, guidelines, and requirements; and (7) Special Tips: Special notes and insights on the suitability of the donor for your specific project/program, based on our experience and analysis.

How much does it cost?

The donor mapping costs 2988€ incl. VAT.

Can I get some more information?

You are happy to browse the website, send us an email or book your personal Zoom call with us.


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