Funding from Leopold Bachmann Foundation

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1) Objective

Established in 1997, the Leopold Bachmann Foundation supports infrastructural project initiatives that improve local (rural and urban) livelihood conditions in the Global South. The Foundation supports organisations that promote the following key areas: (1) vocational training and education (centres for marginalised youth), (2) infrastructural rural and urban development (incl. water and sanitation), (3) economic development (incl. SME development for farmers and women). Most of the project funding (more than 60%) goes into vocational training and education (e.g. construction of training centres, small and micro-enterprise development for women and youth), around 10% is provided for the construction of kindergartens and schools, around 10% is allocated to projects in health and integration, and another 10% goes into rural development, including the construction of water and sanitation facilities.

2) Eligibility

Non-profit organisations

3) Location

Projects are currently funded in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

4) Budget

The Foundation has an annual grant budget of around €8,000,000. The Foundation receives more than 200 proposals a year, out of which around half of these projects receive funding. Individual grant sizes differ according to the type of project.

5) Application

Applications can be sent throughout the year by email, using the application and budget planning form on their website (in German). It is advised to get in contact with the Foundation before a proposal is submitted in order to ensure whether the project partnership fits with the programmatic focus of the Foundation.

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