Donor: US Embassy Benin
Application procedure: Full Proposal
Donor base: United States
Reference number: -
Eligible applicants: Non-Profit Organisation
Deadline: ongoing

Financial details

Grant size: Medium - up to $1,000,000
Minimum grant size: -
Total available budget: -
Funding type: Grants
Maximum grant size: 500.000$
Funding ratio: up to 100%


  • Education
  • Governance & Democracy
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Water & Sanitation

Project Locations

  1. Africa



1) Objective

The Embassy administers the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HA), which is designed to offer friendly nations and allies of the United States support, basic humanitarian aid, and services to their populations in need. Through this program, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) seeks to help avert humanitarian crises, promote democratic development and regional stability, build local capacity, and enable countries to begin to recover from conflicts. HA projects are selected and managed by the DOD, and awards may be granted to governmental agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations and community groups to support DOD’s program objectives.

Projects eligible for the HA program fall into three major categories including, but not limited to:

  • Education: construction/expansion of schools/orphanages, and provision of furniture and supplies
  • Health: construction/expansion of health clinics, provision of disease surveillance systems, education, prevention and training, medical support/supplies
  • Basic Infrastructure: water wells/boreholes, water sanitation, waste treatment, solid waste management systems

2) Eligibility

Awards may be granted to governmental agencies, as well as non-governmental organisations and community groups to support DOD’s program objectives.

3) Location

Actions must take place in Benin.

4) Budget

Projects should not exceed $500,000. Most projects that are submitted, however, are well below the grant limit and accurate budget estimations are greatly appreciated.

5) Application

The deadline for HA applications each year is December 15th. Applications received after December 15th will be kept for the next funding cycle. If your proposal is accepted for consideration, a representative from the Embassy will visit your project site to discuss your proposal with you and the organization and to verify the details represented in your proposal. A visit to your project in no way guarantees that it will be funded.

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