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Recording: Canva for Proposal Writing – incl. 1 month TripleFunds


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Date: 17 May 2023
Modalities: webinar take place via Zoom

BONUS FEATURE: includes 30 days access to our online platform TripleFunds at the value of 39€
TripleFunds gives you access to 4,000 calls for proposals and donor profiles for international development projects



Did you know that donors receive up to 1,000 application documents per call for proposals?
Likewise, foundation staff receive tons of proposals per week which they have to screen, evaluate and prepare for board meetings.


Therefore it is crucial that your proposal stands out from the rest and has something special or different which makes the eye of the reader catch immediate attention and interest. One way to do this is to include appealing visuals and infographics: they deliver your data in a more direct way, are short and to the point, and break the (sometimes very long and boring) flow of information.

One simple and practical method for creating these visuals offers Canva: it is an easy-to-use online tool and on top it is free for non-profits.


Our webinar:

In our interactive session we show you how you can use Canva for specific parts of your proposal: from the problem statement or the description of the target group to the solution or impact model as well budgeting.


Our timetable is:

  • 45 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes to answer all your questions in a Q&A session

After this session you will be able to set up a Canva account, apply for the free version for non-profits and create simple visuals for your proposals immediately.

And you can be sure that your proposals will stand out from the rest once you integrate attractive infographics!

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