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Recording: How can AI help us with proposal writing – incl. 1 month TripleFunds


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Date recorded: 25 October 2023
Modalities: webinar took place via Zoom

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The use of ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) grant-writing tools sees rapid growth. They are a not-so-secret weapon anymore, as they have a huge potential to speed up the process of writing personalized, tailored grant proposals. So why not using it?

Indeed, they are quite versatile in their use for proposal writing: They can assist with quick proposal drafts, can recall information, can quickly create grammatically correct and compelling texts, and even assist in brainstorming if you are stuck on a particular section.

At the same time, they are not a magic bullet and most often we are overwhelmed when it comes to using them. By focusing on ChatGPT, the overarching questions are: What can ChatGPT deliver, and what not? When in the grant writing process is it best to use ChatGPT? And what are the specific functions that really help us grant-writers to save time (and energy)? And what do grant-makers think about this new trend?


Our webinar:

Our webinar provides some answers. In a very interactive and hands-on session, we kick off by demystifying AI tools, and briefly map out the strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT. When then show you our 4-step model of proposal writing with ChatGPT and provide you with inputs on how to select the right tools. We also hear the grant-maker’s side.

Our agenda for the webinar

  • Overview of strengths and weaknesses of AI
  • 4 steps for proposal writing with AI using ChatGPT
    • Step 1: Design project using the AI Proposal Planner
    • Step 2: Feed ChatGPT with all info from the AI Proposal Planner
    • Step 3: Develop grant sections with ChatGPT such as organisational background, problem and solution, etc. – incl. adapting style, tone, language, amount of words etc.
    • Step 4: Copy to donor template and review all sections
  • Overview of different AI tools for proposal writing
  • The funder’s view on using AI for proposal writing
  • Q&A and wrap up


Our timetable is:

  • 70 minutes presentation
  • 20 minutes to answer all your questions in a Q&A session


This is a very hands-on and practical webinar as we will show you live how each proposal section can be generated with ChatGPT. Our 4-step model incl. the easy-to-use AI Proposal Planner tool can be immediately applied by any proposal writer.



  • 30 days free access to TripleFunds (full access to all sections) at the value of 39€
  • AI Proposal Planner (in word format)
  • Power Point Presentation and audio recording

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