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What is included in our Premium Services?

Our Premium Package provides you with personal coaching from our fundraising experts. We work with you on two major issues that are very important for fundraising:

A Donor Mapping

The first step is a personal call in which we get to know each other and clearly define for which interventions you need grant funding. We come up with our research strategy together: which donor types (i.e., foundations, government donors), which geographical donor markets (i.e., Europe or US, specific countries etc.), which funding volumes you need (i.e., minimum grant sizes that you would be interested in), etc.

Then we carry out the research not only in TripleFunds but also in various other sources that we use. We usually screen around 500,000 donors and pick the best 10 matches for you. These 10 potential donors are then summarised in a donor mapping including a 1-page overview: contact and address, thematic interest and priorities, geographical focus, past grant history, funding volumes, application procedures and our insider tips.


Proposal Reviews

It is then up to you to do the relationship building and approach the donors that you have selected. We usually recommend to plan enough time and resources for this step as it can take some time. Some ideas are: connect with them on LinkedIn, visit some conferences or events where they are present, give them a phone call (have your 2-minute pitch prepared!) or send them an email (short and precise with a clear call to action).

Once you are invited for proposal submission, you can send us your draft proposal and we review it: we give you tips on how you can improve the proposal sections such as problem statement, intervention logic or impact model, M&E, sustainability, budget etc.

If you want to know more about this package, then please open the link here.

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